The Forex Calculator - Scale-In Trade Plans

The Calculator features an exact Scale-In calculation engine to let you place many levels of a trade without fear of excessive risk.

Does your trade plan call for adding on to a position as it moves in your favor? You can quickly plan your trade out to perfection with the Scale-In Calculator.

Watch this movie to see the Auto Configure feature of the Scale-In tab in action:   Use The Auto Configure Calculator Within The Scale-In Tab

The Scale-In page gives you two options:

Set up each leg manually with your lot size, entry price and stop; or use the one-click configure button to plan out entry levels at regular intervals (ex., every 10 pips), in the ratio you set up (ex., 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 for five legs). See at a glance what your risk to reward will be for the aggregate set of trades.

Pull any one leg of the set of trades and see the remaining risk left on the table.

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I am now trading with better effect...

"Thank you for the is a tremendous aid and your wisdom on risk has been a MAJOR help to me. Thank You ever so much! In the last month I had small wins that would have been 3 to 5 times larger had I used adaptive postion sizing as you show in your videos. I had a couple of losing trades at 3.67% and several small losing trades that had I not closed them early would have gone to profit. I closed them early anticipating a greater loss. I also entered some trades early and they turned to losers, because I wanted to get as many pips as possible. Bottom line: had I used the Calculator with adaptive position sizing, I would have stuck with my original trading plan, knowing I was making more profit per pip, and would not have worried about losers because they would have been only 2%. I am now trading with better effect and you may call me, Anti-Anticipating Adaptive dAvid"
~ David M