The Forex Calculator - Risk Profile Settings

On the Setup tab you'll enter your equity, risk profile, and features about your charts, your broker, and your trading style preferences.

The risk profile is the percent of your account that you are willing to lose if the trade goes against you. Don't be surprised! Set this in advance in the Calculator and then trade with confidence.

The Calculator also works for traders using Spread Betting brokers, showing you amount/pip so you can monitor risk precisely with this style of trading too. Click to watch a movie demonstrating the spread betting features of the Calculator

The Calculator displays your assets in the currency in which you hold your account (USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, etc.); you have the ability to add your currency wherever you live in the world.

The Calculator can read your equity directly from your MT4 account, so you don't have to manually update it after each trade completes. And you can set up many brokers and accounts independently; if you have one account that you trade more conservatively than another account, the Calculator's settings will remember this in its computations for you.

The Calculator works with the charting package you use and adapts to whether your candles show Bid, Ask or Average prices.

Choose to show your position sizes in standard lots, minis, micros or units. The Calculator figures precise lot sizes for you, based on risk profile, stop loss setting for each trade, and pip value of the currency pair.

Trading strategies such as stop-and-reverse, cost-average or a combination of these multi-leg loss-recovery techniques can be easily and precisely calculated.

If your trading style includes grouping trades in a loss-recovery strategy, such as stop-and-reverse or cost-average, or a combination of the two approaches, use the set up tab to set your money-management parameters.

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"Just want to let you know that the Calculator has made all the difference for me. Thank you. Risk has always been a problem for me. The Calculator keeps my risk under control and lets me know my risk before I get into the trade."
~ Dan C