The Forex Calculator - Monitor Total Exposure

What's the difference between an inexperienced trader and a seasoned professional?

New traders always think in terms of how much money they stand to make in a trade. Professional traders always think in terms of how much money they stand to lose in a trade – that's the difference.

Professional traders manage their overall risk to achieve long-term success.

New traders ignore risk in their quest for immediate profit and are quickly chewed up and spit out by the forex markets.

The Calculator gives you the tools to monitor your risks like a pro. First quickly set up the particulars about your individual trades on the Trade Plan tab, then come to this tab to see how much risk you have at stake. Choose the currency pair of your open trades and decide how many legs you would allow that particular trade to go.

Dynamically add additional trades as you need them by using the drop down menus under the "New" category.

Easily close any one order by clicking its order number in the title bar (e.g., click "TWO" to show the second trade is now closed).

See how much gain is required to recover from a potential drawdown. As an example, a drawdown of 35.9% requires 55.9% gain for recovery.

This tab answers the question: "What would happen to my account if something happened in the market that suddenly turned all my trades against me and stopped me out?" And as you know, anything can happen in forex at any time.

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